Feast of shepherds in the mountain village of Crete with Goldfish Rethymnon.


Feast of shepherds in the mountain village in Crete with Goldfish Rethymnon.02.05.2016
St. George is the patron saint of shepherds. This year it will be May 2nd. For breeders, this day marks the beginning of the summer harvest, entirely sheep shearing, run at full capacity production of cheeses and other dairy products. young selection for the reproduction of the herd.
On the eve of the shepherds bathe sheep adorn their bells at dawn and sent to the village and put them in a specially built enclosure near St. Georgiya.Zdes church they are milked. The priest is directed to the stage with an olive branch in his hand and holy water blessing zhivotnyh.Nadoennoe milk handed out to villagers and pilgrims.
After the evening liturgy on the Cretan people singing and dancing.


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