The secret mountain tea in Crete. In Spili cafes Georgos.

The secret of the mountain tea. In Spili cafes Georgos.
January 18, 2017

In the winter in Crete most people rest, it is usual for resort countries. Well I have a lot of hobbies: fishing, spearfishing and recently became interested in photography.


This morning I went fishing in a mountain river. But it was not possible to go fishing, because of the rain shallow stream turned into a raging river. I went to drink coffee in the village which was near. Spili — quite large and rich Cretan village, but about it in a different reporting. In the summer I often am in this village and passing by a nondescript kafeyushki I noticed there is always a lot of oldies. Now I decided to have a coffee here. I ordered a coffee and met with the owner of the cafe. His name is Giorgos and now almost 50 years, he works here. The interior is quite simple, but it also seems to appear and other rural cafe. They also sometimes present as clubs.







Greeks traditionally drink more coffee, but I ordered a visitor Georgos mountain tea. I became interested in its composition and Georgos shared with me the secret. This herb faskomela (sage), diktomus (longevity grass) and oregano. Oregano — this is the main crossing for Greek dishes, but it turns out it can be added in tea. In the photo you can see how it pours bottles of weed. And all of these herbs can be collected in the vicinity. Myself I ordered a double Greek coffee, it is a great Turk, as well as being the owner gave me a glass of water and then treated me to a glass of tsikoudia (raki), nuts. In all I paid 2 euros. The bar he was a small set of alcohol: raki, vodka, ouzo and snack tomato and olives.







The cafes were still visitors and they were sitting close to the stove. The roof is visible hole and the pipe is derived out. So however many rural homes are heated. That would be good here Russian stove-makers. Georgos seen interested in politics, not parted with the newspaper, and on the wall a photo of Ministers since 1827. Two visitor listened to the TV and discussing the latest news, and on the wall hung pictures on the subject of the cafe.







But I liked the family a portfolio. On one of the photos Georgos in his youth and well preserved, but as its cafes, the same has not changed. Judging by the photos, the tailor is one of its major professions.







Here in the cafe is a working sewing machine. And what is convenient, came to hem pants, along with a coffee drink. Cafe-tailoring. Service.







And it seemed to me that here the time just stopped flowing at the door of the cafe. As well, slowly and quietly is life in Crete.

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