In its 65 decided to go diving course in Crete.


Andrew Averyanov- Moscow

In my 65 I decided to take a course PADI OWD. In his youth a lot of swimming with scuba AVM-1M. He has two 7-liter bottle, and between them the top round tin pulmonary system, from which diverge two corrugated tube to the mouthpiece. Technique since then ran away, felt it in Egypt and Thailand. Decided to get right to get a better deal, swim deeper and hand with the instructor. You can take a course in his native Moscow or abroad. The first option is more expensive, harder to find time at home to travel to school, and the skills he will not quite the ones that are needed in nature. So, we go abroad. There is also loss of time, but it will be a convenient shuttle service to the dive site, and practicing in the sea, you will see much more than the bare walls of the pool.

Chose Crete, north coast, the town of Rethymno, Russian coach Igor Yakovlev. I think this is good luck, I hope that my leveling and useful to others. Came back the day before yesterday.

Until Igor tried to contact one of the Dutch school, which is based on the south coast of Crete. Not even responded. It’s a shame, but you can understand them. How fit my everyday English for special cases related to security? Who would believe that I speak passable? But what if something messed up? In short, it is better not to pour anglomatom like a pro and find Russian-speaking instructor. Well, if our. This perfectly understand and vocabulary, and our soul fine.

Igor went perfectly. The vast experience of divers and water sports teacher, repeated the championship. Attentive and considerate, humor in order. I remember another instructor. Smazlivenkaya girl pripevochki in Hurghada. Blowing ears explained vaguely, and that it is necessary to float on the exhale not say at all. As a result, one of the newcomers broke the same ear (by the way, and could sue). With Igor do not zabaluesh. Patiently explaining to detail, repeating the arguments of many exercises to automatism. My past experience is certainly useful, but a few days has been radically updated.

A trip by car to the dive site were, in fact, a tour of the beautiful places with interesting stories about local life. In these days of our hotel beach was flying the red flag (= swimming is prohibited!), Because the slippery kamenyugi heartily hollowed surf. And my wife nelastonogaya bliss with us in a cozy quiet coves south coast until we let bubbles at depth. The culmination was the elephant cave diving. Many delights, but will not describe about it on this site said more than once. On the eve wanted to get a disposable camera. And rightly so, that did not buy. Because Igor professionally filmed and our group photo, and video, and then handed each on CD.

Our travel agency offers excursions, Igor brought us the other. The quality is superb and the price is almost twice lower.

In short, if you are thinking of options, try this. It is good for learning and for certified divers. Igor Yakovlev — intelligent and interesting person and knows good places.

P.S. When in the course of the course it came to the mask, I said to Andrew, that in such a mask can not sink because he can not equalize the pressure, and invited him to pick up another mask, but he flatly refused and said, «This mask and snorkel were bundled with the first Soviet aqualung, therefore it is possible to dive.» And he confirmed it under water, submerged DM us from Italy in modern mask. so he always half mask was no water, and Andrew was all OK., despite the mustache, glasses inserted in the mask. In DC, where we dive he was nicknamed Russian Cousteau.

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