Spearfishing Fishing

                                                      SPEARFISHING IN CRETE

Becoming underwater hunter

Кубок Балтики 1 место Игорь Яковлев  2006 АкменрагсFirst, a little history, I started practicing underwater hunting. I must say that spearfishing is a very large and hard work, many think that alone is worth the dive and fish itself climbs into your hands. It is only in the photo looks simple, but in real life anyway! Crete I moved to Latvia, where I became interested in underwater hunting in 1979 and interestingly the first I had a Soviet gun with rubber traction gum now the best gun for hunting at sea, my first major trophy was tench on 2 kg. with lake Sventa. At the time of wetsuits never dreamed hunted just in tracksuits. The first wetsuits bought through connections and that would make it easier to pull the dress up for tights. When typing experience, and then the course was not, began to shoot more fish preyed on acne, mostly at night. Good lights made themselves altered miner batteries. Boundaries did not exist, mainly hunted in Belarus Braslav lakes: Hair, Strusto, Snudy. Great Lakes, beautiful and tasty fish: line – like pigs, bream to 4 lbs., Just across the pike torpedoes, and of course acne, where there is Igor and acne.

охота в молодости


  • Then he began to participate in competitions and several times winner of the Championship and the Cup of Latvia, as well as finished second at the Open Championship of Russia on Lake Kopanskoe.

Игорь молодой

  • Then already started hunting at sea, mostly Baltic, where shot flounder and there again found acne than local pitfalls were upset twice won the Cup of Latvia Marine 1st stage on the sea in Akmenrags- Liepaja, on the extreme right of my last photo competition in 2006, where I took the 1st place, the conditions were tough, storm, water 10 degrees, basically all went without fish, but I grind out one tail, and the light of the competition is not always pahata.


                                          Spearfishing  in  Crete

  • You certainly know that hunting at sea is very different from freshwater. It happened and I, coming to Crete I thought that I would take a lot of fish, but it was not there. A lot of fishings were empty, began slowly to total income itself. Changed a lot of guns, looking for a place to hunt. Sometimes the shore look, everything is perfect, and then uplyvёsh – sand or no fish. Now the hunt mainly in autumn and early spring. With you I want to share experiences, and try to help, or to organize an underwater hunt. Stone certainly will not show under which sits grouper, although I know, but the areas of hunting prompt, and then everything depends on your experience and luck.

                In the north coast region of Rethymnon

  • Area of Rethymnon – Adelianos Kambos sand bottom, but spring is actively hunting for tuna fish Mayatiko, this is a great and powerful fish weighing up to 100 lbs., They are mainly from the shore at a distance of one kilometer. Sometimes take and tuna.
  • District Sfakaki – Skaleta bottom flat rock with sand, the depth of 10 meters at a distance of 500 meters from the shore. Can be hunted year-round, effective hunting at depths under stones, the main fish grouper, sargus, denteks, lapina.V this area are common here such cherepahi.Odna swam up to me, and not just to Last snack. In Skaleta have a mullet.
  • District Panormo- Bali bottom more precipitous, rock and sand. Can be hunted year-round, effective hunting at depths under stones, the main fish grouper, sargus, denteks, Lapin. It must be remembered that here in the summer immersed dayvevy, two diving center.

                                          SOUTH COAST

  • Подводная охота, рыбалка на Крите. Юг Крита. video

  • District Plakias bottom mostly rock wall depth off the coast. Grouper fish, sargus, denteks, sinagrida, Lapin. Everything is beautiful, visibility of 15 meters and better. Note that in almost all bays divers.
    District Rodakino to Chora Sfakia on the shoreline goes rock wall, poblemy Door. In early spring, even at shallow depths have lobsters and lobsters to 1.5 kg.
    District Agio- Galini interesting area, many pitfalls hunt there, but also along the coast goes coastal wall, problems with access to the sea.


  • Hunting regulations in Greece: Since 2015 there have been changes in the rules, the license for amateur underwater hunting and fishing in Greece is not needed.
    Prohibited: hunting diving in May -nerest fish, hunt without the buoy, as well as banned hunting at night and light.


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