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Новое 5Address Goldfish travel agency in Rethymno:
Crete-Rethimno, st. Αng. Sikelianou 4 (opposite the entrance to the hotel Porto Rethimno)
tel. office 28310-56506
tel. Mob. + 30 6972054687 (Inga) +30 6976899296 (Igor)
When booking tours for groups podedem the hotel.


                               Excursions in Crete with Goldfish

1. Santorini from Rethymno on the same day (SANTE IRENE-St. Irene) 

From 07.05.2016

Tues, Sat, time 7:45 – 21:00 Price 130
Additionally, transfer to the port, Bali, Georgioupolis+17 euro and Rethymno area, the price of 12 euro.

Cсанторини 16

  • Upon arrival at the port Atinies, you will meet the guide. It will help you to board your bus, and can provide information about bus schedules and interesting facts about the island and its history.
    First stop: Oia, you will have free time to walk and enjoy the unique view.
    Second stop: Firostefani. This is the highest point of the island, which offers a wonderful view of the island and the caldera.
    Third stop: Fira. This charming capital of the island. It is located on the west side and is built on top of towering cliffs at an altitude of 260m above sea level.
    Fourth stop: Kamari here so the same will have free time to swim and enjoy the local food and wine of the island.


    2.        Santorini from Rethymno to 2 days

  • Departure from Heraklion. (Mon, Thurs)
    Price 198 + 20 (transfer), children 4-10 years with 138 euros
    Price 168 (the hotel) without a tour
    9.45 Departure from Heraklion, 11.40 Arrival in Santorini
    First day sightseeing: Oia – Fira – Kamari (15.45) – Arrival at the hotel
    Second excursion day: Free morning – Excursion to the volcano (15.45)
    Departure from Santorini (17.55) – Heraklion (19.30)


    3.      Kournas – Chania – Elafonisi (Mon., Thurs.) Price 32 Euro

Ханья 1

  • The first stop is a freshwater lake in Crete -Kurnas with clean water. In the lake are golden carp, eels and turtles.
    In the city of Chania, take a stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, you will see Roman, Venetian and Turkish buildings. And also you will have time for shopping.
    Then continue traveling south along the gorge poplar and find yourself in one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete – Elafonissi. Where white sand in some places gets a pink tinge.       


    4.     Knossos – Spinalonga – Cave of Zeus – Agios Nikolaos  

  • (Wed, Sat) Price 32 € + Extras. (6 + 2 + 10 Boat)


  • Excursion to Knossos Palace – one of the most popular among tourists from Heraklion about an hour away. The palace tour holds a professional guide.
    There are some options for tours with a visit to the Archaeological Museum and Heraklion.
    Visiting the museum gives a general idea of the lifestyle of the people of the Minoan era, see household items, tools, weapons, ceramics, printing, decorating – all true masterpieces of ancient masters.
    On the island of Spinalonga go by boat from Elounda
    Agios Nikolaos or the city of St. Nicholas was built in the north-western side of the Gulf of Mirabello. In Agios Nikolaos two embankments: “sea” and “lake.” For their flavor and originality of Agios Nikolaos called the Cretan St Tropez. 


    5.      Granvusa – Balos (Tues, Thurs, Sat ,. Sun.) Price 28 Euro. + Extras. (14 Bot.)


грамвуса 1

  • Gramvousa – one of the most interesting in the Cretan area. Here merge three seas – Cretan, Ionian and Libyan.
    Island Tour includes a visit to the Venetian fortress, which, as the island is known as Gramvousa. It is famous for being the refuge of pirates (even here there was unbeaten Portuguese pirate Barbarossa!)
    After inspecting the fortress tourists on the boat will head to the beach of Balos – once here honeymooned Prince Charles and Lady Di. White sand and clear water will delight adults and for the kids there is a natural shallow pool water temperature around 30.


  6.        Monastery of Preveli – Festos – Matala (Tues.-Fri.) Price 28 Euro + Extras. (2.5 + 4 + 10 bot.)

Фестос 1

  • Palace of Phaistos evidence of ancient civilizations and centuries-old culture, there was excavated the famous festky disk, not read so far.
    A short stop at the local market, a small village will give you the opportunity to purchase not only local products, but also everything else that you like soul.
    After that, we head to the resort of Matala, where you will have free time, the opportunity to swim at the beautiful beach and climb in the caves, which became famous thanks to the hippies in 1969
    Next we stop in the beautiful village of Agia Galini, you will be treated to coffee.


   7.       Samaria Gorge (Mon, Pt.- 16 km., Wed, Sun. – 8 km.) Price 32 Euro + Extras. (5 + 10 bot.)

самарья 1

  • Tour for those who want to lose weight quickly by 5 kg. Samaria Gorge, the largest canyon in Europe.
    The length of the gorge about 16 kilometers and a width ranging from 3.5 to 300 meters. The bus will take you to the plateau of Omalos (2116 m above sea level), where you go down into the gorge over the rocks to the shore of the Libyan Sea. And all the way over you two huge towering mountain walls, and above them – the endless Cretan sky.
    By boat from the village of Agia Roumeli the village of Chora Sfakia or Suya.


   8.       Watercity – Water Park in Crete (Mon, Fri, Sun).

Price: Adults 42, children 25.5, children under 90 cm free of charge. transfer included


  • Departure from Rethymno 9.30 to about 1.30 minutes Watercity go In Watercity you are 6 hours back leaving at 17.00.
    The park is a great service, depending on what you want: a restaurant or self-service, various bars, coffee shops, gift shops and souvenirs.
    We are pioneers in new kinds of high-level entertainment on the island.
    In Watercity important thing is the safety of our visitors, for this training and coaching staff has a paramount importance to us.
    The park is open to all international rules and laws for the safety of our visitors.


    9.    Theatrical Cretan evening in Rethymno 

Price (42 adults, 21 children, transfers, food, wine included)


  • Departure from Rethymnon on the Minoan evening at 20.00, just 12 minutes to go.
    After the warm reception of guests and food, begins our journey into the depths of time c pageant young actors: the birth of Zeus, the abduction of Europa, King Minos and the palace of Knossos and imprisoned the Minotaur and Theseus on his death.
    Followed by folk dances of Crete and Greece with traditional costumes, and live music.
    Zorba dance together and Sirtaki. Three hours we travel from the Minoan civilization BC, under good food, wine and music.
    The program ends at 23.00.

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