Fishing in Crete

дайвингI live in Crete since 2007.                                                     My hobbies are fishing, spearfishing.                                       I know the local conditions and help organize fishing trips in Crete.




                                 FISHING SHORE

  • This type of holiday is most interesting for tourists. You can just go ashore at the hotel and relax with a fishing rod. But to catch the fish will not be as easy as it is on a lake or river. The main problem of clear water and the fish very carefully, and it is necessary to know the features of national fishing. In many large reservoirs there are ways of catching inherent in this place. For example, in Estonia on the Gulf struck me way perch in winter with ice on a spinning – it’s fantastic. Crete interesting sposoblovli mullet. A large piece of bread wrapped with fishing line from 6 – 9 hooks and fill up in the sea. This way you can catch both the spinning and just throwing a large coil hand. And the bait caught mainly on small tee. Bite – salpa (sea roach), mullet, Sargos and other fish. Bait – bread, worms, shrimp, small crabs (you can catch on the shore in the evening).
  • Fly fishing in the summer, small river, trout cautious, so you need to be a professional in this fishing. Easier retrieval after a rain, when the rivers are full of water.



  • Trolling: This sea fishing with the boat, you have a special fishing equipment. Fish -tunets, mayatiko (early spring). The percentage of fish that you catch quite small, but nevertheless -lovyat. I fish with my friend Dmitris, he’s a fan of the same as I do. How is fishing: the best time for sea fishing first half of the summer, early in the morning or evening. I will try to arrange for you a fishing trip. And after a successful fishing trip in a good tavern, where we will prepare your catch!

Рыбалка на Крите. Частный гид на Крите.

 Fishing license must be the same as in underwater hunting, but simple fishermen do not check. Well, for the fisherman you know, important is the process of catching, well, then, how to submit your story to a friend.


  • Boats for sea fishing: On this boat that is higher or similar, you can max. 2-3 people. Price 150 per person, caught fish can be bought ~ 10 euro per 1 kg.


  • The yacht is equipped for trolling for 6 people. Price 400 (per boat) for 4-5 hours, 700 a day. You can go on Santorini (max. 5 persons, without navigator) is 2 days and combining with fishing. Fish caught yours. Over the past summer was caught 18 tuna. Yacht is advisable to book in advance in demand. The best time for catching tuna in June-August, for mayatiko (weight 10-80 kg) in May-June.


  • Address Goldfish travel agency in Rethymno:
    Crete-Rethimno, st. Αng. Sikelianou 4 (opposite the entrance to the hotel Porto Rethimno)
    tel. office 28310-56506
    tel. Mob. + 30 6972054687 (Inga), +30 6976899296 (Igor)


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  1. I would definitely love to have such an exciting experience. I went fishing around different Greek islands but never had a chance in Crete. This video is so inviting :)

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