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Игорь новое 1My name is Igor.                                                                       I represent a travel agency Goldfish in Crete in Rethymno.
View and loved Crete for one day – this is real!                 Ask and we will help you to combine business with interests you!


Our routes differ from the template suggested by tour operators. I am a sociable person and contact, we can together create a flexible program depending on your interests.

  • Individual tours for the whole family, a lot of experience with children.
  • The new minivan offers.
  • A program of excursions used discoveries of archaeologists, archival materials, historical facts, and also collected during interviews with the local old-timers


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Here are some of our trips from Rethymno with private guide

 1.    Southern coast of Crete with a private guide.

юг 3

  • The journey time is about 8 hours.
    The tour starts with the mountain village of Spili, until it is only 40 minutes.
    Then we drive along the mountain road with beautiful views of the valley and the village of Frati.
    In the gorge Kourtaliotiko down to the church of St. Nicholas and waterfall forming the river.
    On the southern coast of Crete to visit the monastery of Preveli with miraculous cross, founded in the 16th century and built on a rocky hill with a breathtaking view of the sea.
    We’re going to swim in a beautiful bay with a gorgeous beach. This is where you can dine at the family tavern by the Libyan Sea.
    And ending with a trip through the gorge Kotsifu leave with a beautiful chapel of St. Nicholas.  

 2.       Georgioupolis – Lake Kournas – Ancient Lappa – Argyroupoli  with a private guide.

лаппа 1

  • Tour of the time it takes 8 hours.
    We start with a tour of the fishing village, where we look springs, mountain river and the Chapel of St. Nicholas.
    Ten minutes drive to oz.Kurnas. There we will have enough time to do a ride on a catamaran or sunbathe.
    Then moving to the district, the ancient Lappa, there is 2,000 liters. sycamore, necropolis.
    Enjoying a mountain village with an interesting history, is also here is a small shop with local products from the avocado.
    Down into Argyroupoli where lunch at the waterfall. Then cook the best lamb at the stake (antikristo) and can be ordered and trout on the grill.


    3.       Monastery of Arkadi – Ancient Eleftherna – Pottery village – Cave Sfidoni,  Museum of wooden figures  with a private guide.


  • The excursion takes 8 hours, starting with a tour of the mountain village of Axos, where we visit the museum of wooden figures.
    Then climb higher into the mountains descend into the cave Sfidoni.
    After 30 min. moving lunch in the shade of mulberry and teach pottery.
    Next is just outside the ancient city with an underground bunker.
    We finish the tour visiting the Monastery of Arkadi.


    4.     Botanic Garden – ancient city of Aptera – Chania City tour – Winery with wine tasting – Lake Kournas 

Ботанический сад

  • The tour takes about 8 hours.
    Walk through the botanical garden located in the mountain range at the foot of the highest of the White Mountains.
    On the way we’ll pick on the ruins of the ancient city of Aptera, offering beautiful views of the Souda Bay.
    In Chania, the city of poets and musicians, we take a walk along the promenade from the heat hide among Venetian lanes that preserve the medieval atmosphere of silence.
    On the way back you can visit the small family winery with wine tasting.
    BUY’ll pick the lake Kournas, which feed the fish and turtles.


  • 5.     Chora Sfakia – Venetian fortress Frankokastelo – Mountain village Rodakino – Gorge  Kotsifu with a private guide. 


  • The excursion takes 8 hours to the southern shore through a beautiful serpentine about 1 hour away.
    We start with a tour of Chora Sfakia, one of the largest towns in the south of Crete.
    Close to 15 km. is and Roman fortress Frankokastello.
    Then we go to the village of Rodakino with a stop at the beach of the Libyan Sea, where you can swim and snorkel, sunbathe or enjoy a coffee.
    Back in Rethymno, the gorge Kotsifu where there is a chapel in the rock of St. Nicholas.


  6.          Traditional Cretan evening with a private guide. 

критский вечер

  • We leave in 19 hours, to the tavern, where to spend the evening just 30 minutes. drive.
    Enjoying Cretan dances, moves on -preparing idea is for the wedding.
    Good house wine, without limitation.
    Try the lamb on a fire, cooked the traditional ancient way, eggplant salad and trout.


                                            Ecological holidays in Crete.

 7.       Family Cretan evening on the beach of the Libyan Sea with a private guide. 


     8.    Snorkeling tour of Crete with a private guide.  


  • Two routes, northern or southern coast.
    Snorkeling tour with an introduction to the underwater world.
    Inspection during the interesting places and lunch in the best taverns.


 9.                         Ecological, agricultural tourism in Crete.

Сбор оливок1

  • Olive oil – the basis of agricultural production in Crete, 70% of cultivated land occupied by olive trees. The main varieties of olives for oil production is: Thasitiki (Throumpa Thassou), Tsunati, Koroneiki. The annual olive oil production exceeds 140 thousand tons. And the quality Cretan oil is unparalleled in the world and occupies a worthy place in the export of Greek products.
  • The excursion takes 8 hours to the village where the museum is only 30 minutes. drive.
    Visit to the Museum of olive oil production, tasting different varieties and types of olive oil.
    Visit the cheese-making village.
    Then it is necessary to visit the pottery village where you will be able to get the first skills in pottery.
    If desired, swim, ride in a beautiful bay on the north coast, where you can swim and snorkel and have lunch on the beach.


      10.       Winery Crete, wine tasting  with a private guide.


  • Каллаж с вином 1The tour takes 4 hours .Excursion to the family winery with wine tasting. Fishing village of Georgioupolis, where you can see the river and springs Almiro, the chapel of St. Nicholas. Rest on a mountain lake.


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