Diving in Crete

Helped organize a dive in Crete. Been diving for over 20 years, PADI instructor for 10 years.



  • Crete plunge since 2007, I know the diving situation in West Crete, Chania and Rethymno areas since the first 4 years worked in one of the DC city of Rethymno and my hobby spearfishing. Recent years, more involved in tourism, but also do not forget diving.
    Now cooperate with those DC, who have good conditions for diving, it is: a convenient shuttle service, a comfortable entry into the water and atmosphere in DC, and of course to the water was something to see, and not for show pogruzhenie- to increase the number of dive sites.
    Usually immersed himself when dialed group 3-4 people, sometimes it turns out to combine diving with the subsequent tour. If busy or divers in the east of Crete (and there are many) that help organize diving.
    If you are from Rethymnon area or you can come to our office GOLDFIH, where my wife Inga will connect you with me or she will help you (at the price of DC). For travelers from the other end Crete, any connection works, contacts are on the site. Instructor will try to negotiate a discount (in Crete is not accepted).


  • Here are the main places where the sink, perhaps even add other


                                       South  coast  area  Plakias

Русский кусто


  •  One of the most beautiful and deep bays, within a small hotel (so it’s always calm, no foreign tourists). It is interesting to dive along the walls with a beautiful relief until June possible to see lobsters and lobsters, if you’re lucky turtle.
    40+ depth, water temperature in the spring of 16-18, 19-22, summer, autumn 23-25. Thermocline almost no difference of 1-2 degrees. For if there is, it is small.
    Equipment: mono Wetsuits 5mm, the normal state, periodically updated, fins with a closed heel, the basic standard steel cylinders. Nitrox is not.
    Really can make 6 dives on different routes.
    Dive from the shore, convenient entry (threw snaryagu and water)
    Well organized dive for novice divers, have a professional underwater photography.
    Until Kalypso from Rethymnon 45 km, or 1 hour.
  • The location is ideal for family holidays as well as in the area of many popular tourist destinations Gorge Kourtaliotiko, Prevelskie monasteries Kotsifu Gorge and the chapel of St.. Nicholas, as well as lamb Antikristo (on fire) and young red wine. You can choose to combine diving with subsequent tour.


  •                The northern coast of Chania


  • DC is located 20 km from Chania, the largest natural bay in Greece, closed against the wind and waves.
    The water temperature 1-2 degrees warmer than in the south of Crete. In this area there are no currents, depths greater than 30 meters, at the bottom you can see the old anchors, perhaps a night dive. Bottom precipitous, mainly wall, there are 2 caves. Just for the sake Elephant Cave is already coming to Crete.
    Equipment: Suits 5 mm, with open heel fins. cylinders 10 liters. 300 bar (consider heavy). Nitrox is not. Flashlights good budget.
    Main Zodiac boat dives (6-8 divers comfortably)
    An ideal place for the whole family, sandy beach is 200 m. From DC.
    Schedule: gathering in DC to 9, 10 out bot do 2 dives in the district of 13.30 back in time.
    Shuttle DC makes only from the area of Chania.


                                                             Elephant Cave

Underwater Elephant Cave is located in Drepano, the area of Chania, at the outlet of Souda Bay. The cave was discovered in 1999 by local underwater hunter Manolis Eftimakisom unfortunately the fate of his tragic. A few years later it was discovered in diving equipment in the area of Elafonisi (81 km it. From Chania, on the other side of the island). Wrote that the cause of the tragedy: equipment failure (faulty gauge). Also say that he found even greater cave, but could not tell where it is.

  • The first exploration of the cave was organized March 31, 2000 scientists Paleoanthropology and Speleology with the assistance of diving -center Creta. The group plunged into a professional diver and director G. Tzanakis. The results were fantastic, since in addition to the stunning beauty of the cave, were found the bones were examined bone slonov.Uchёnymi three adults and one young elephant .From the measurement of the frame structure of elephants can be argued that this is a new species, named “Elephas chaniensis”, the area of Chania. Its size was larger than the current elephants, but less than its predecessor “Antiquus.” Their height was three meters and bone was thicker and more powerful than today’s elephants. Determined that they lived 50000-60000 years ago. The migration of these species in Greece was possible 15 million years ago, when there was no common body of water from Europe to the shores of Minor Azii.V cave were found the bones of deer in two forms: the standard size and dwarf, 30 cm high, more like a modern goat. This little reindeer had a lot of food, so scientists believe that because of these deer are extinct elephants, they did not have enough food. This is confirmed by the fact that inside the cave bones of elephants are found in the lower layers than the bones of deer. Currently, the cave can only be seen fossilized leg and jaw elephant, deer jaw and small bones.

  • .In Cave divers dive allowed. Entrance to the cave (width of 9 meters and a height of 6.5 m) at a depth of 10 meters and continues in a tunnel 40 meters long. Then there is the cave in length of 125 meters and an average width of 25 m., Which is the main hall, partly filled with water (total length of the entrance about 180 meters). The depth of the bottom in the main hall of from 0.5 to 4 meters and the height of the roof above the water surface in some places, more than 10 meters. The entire roof of the cave full of stalactites reddish color, due to the presence of aluminum and iron in the rock cave. In the underwater are also many stalagmites. The study of sediment (biological, chemical and clastic) shows with certainty that the cave in the old days was dry, visibility is good, turbidity does not rise, as heavy sand. The cave was storozha- two sea seal. The truth is when I was immersed in the past year, I have not seen them, maybe they are timid advance out of the cave.


  •                                    Wreck Minevaska 3

wrek.Частный гид на КритеWreck (British transport ship Minevaska 3, since the First World War) is located in the area, unfortunately it is not in very good condition, as sank at the entrance to Souda Bay and lies at a shallow depth of 9 to 16 meters, constantly destroyed by waves and part of the ship was cut off by the Italians, when you try to pul                                        


                                 Snorkeling tour


  • Two routes, northern or southern coast.
    Snorkeling tour with an introduction to the underwater world.
    Inspection during the interesting places and lunch in the best taverns.


  • Address Goldfish travel agency in Rethymno:
    Crete-Rethimno, st. Αng. Sikelianou 4 (opposite the entrance to the hotel Porto Rethimno)
    tel. office 28310-56506
    tel. Mob. + 30 6972054687 (Inga), +30 6976899296 (Igor)
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