Cretan goat Kri-Kri Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

каллаж с козой


The body length of Kri-Kri reaches from 1.2-1.6 m, to this is added the tail length of 15 to 20 cm. Height at the shoulders is about 80 cm, weight – 15 to 40 kg. Cree Cree have light brown hair, legs and face – dark brown. Summer wool becomes reddish-brown, and in winter – light gray. Along the back runs a black stripe (belt). Male head decorated with two recurved horns.


It is believed that Kri-Kri was introduced to the island of Crete in the period of the Minoan civilization. Earlier Cree Cree were carried out in the islands of the Aegean Sea, but now they are endemic to Crete and found only on the island. Cree Cree live on the slopes of the Lefka Ori and the territory of Samaria Gorge. By 1960, the population years of Kri-Kri was threatened with extinction and there were only 200 goals, as Kri-Kri was the main source of meat for the Cretan partisans during the German occupation in World War II. Therefore, in 1962 it was decided to establish on the territory of Samaria Gorge National Park to protect these animals. In the 1970s, the population of Kri-Kri was artificially restored in Water Mill & Natural Museum of Bourazani. Today in Crete, there are about 2000 individuals Cree Cree hunting them is strictly prohibited. Archaeological excavations on the island have been found painted with the image of Kri-Kri. Some scientists believe that in ancient times in Crete there was a religious cult of this animal.

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