Dragon Lily. Crete spring

Драконья лилия.

Драконья лилия. Крит весной

So called flower perennial herb Dracunculus or tarragon – family Araceae. «Dracunculus» translated as “little dragon” or “snake” – apparently due to the fact that the long and slender inflorescence in the form of cob (40 cm) is reminiscent of the fabulous reptile, and decorative leaf stalks are covered with a plurality of transverse strips, creating the illusion of dragon Scale. Dracunculus blooms in spring, before the leaves bloom. Elongated inflorescence can be of different colors – from red and magenta to purple and almost black, and a large sheet-covered, which at first be mistaken for a petal being green on the outside, on the inside of the ear usually repeats the color. The roots of the plant are poisonous, but because of them get edible starch. Pollinate “dragon lily” flies – it smells so truly diabolical.

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