Is there snow in Crete?

Омалос - вход в ущельеWhere winter in Crete almost always have snow? For Russia, the snow is normal. But in most of the snow in the winter in Crete will not see. However, in mountain areas – the White Mountains and the Ida (Psiloritis) snow has almost always lies until spring. And in the small mountain village of Omalos, now the New Year snow to the knee. The village is located in the south-west 35 km from the city of Chania. Mountain road here, winding, summer on her tour buses go, but here in the winter without a special rubber is better not to go. Omalos is one of the few plains, plateaus among the White Mountains and not far from it is the entrance to the famous Samaria Gorge. View of the plateau is striking for its natural beauty, although most tourists rarely stops here, the summer tourist buses not stopping in the village, riding on the other side of the plateau to the entrance to the Samaria Gorge. In the village there is a small, cozy hotel with views of the snow-capped mountains. Looking at satellite maps clearly visible feature of the plateau its shape resembles a circle and it is unusual for a mountainous area of the White Mountains. actually pay and not so small in diameter, 2.5 km (during the Second World War there was a German airfield) .Zemlya here, as others elsewhere in Crete is very fertile and is used for agricultural work and breeding of goats and sheep.

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